“A Highly Educational and Rewarding Film” – Christian Review

Roadmap Genesis was recently reviewed and featured in the Christian Review magazine’s most recent publication as well as an additional article about the film published on their main website. The article, written by Christian St. John, Senior Editor and Contributor to the site shared the story of director, Nolan Lebovitz’s journey from Hollywood filmmaker to Jewish Rabbi.

Christian Review Magazine - Roadmap Genesis Review

The review appears on Page 22 and received a 4-out-of-5 star rating by the site. As the effort and message of the film confirms, the paragraph below from Christian St. John spoke volumes of how we believe this film is poised to empower viewers to change their world regardless of their religious backgrounds and faiths.

Although Roadmap Genesis was produced, written, and directed by a Jewish Rabbi, there is still plenty a Christian viewer can glean from this film. In fact, throughout the film scholars from both Christian and Jewish faith backgrounds are interviewed and talk about the relevance of Genesis, and The Bible in general, in today’s world.

The message shared in the stories of Genesis are a message for all of humanity, truly a roadmap for mankind.

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