Remember and Honor the Prevailers

Nolan Lebovitz Family
Nolan as a child (center) with his parents, siblings and grandparents.

One of the central themes of the Book of Genesis is the importance of family. I am the grandchild of four Prevailers of the Shoah (Hebrew word for Holocaust). A day does not go by when I do not appreciate their strong influence on my life. Tonight begins Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day). This year, in addition to lighting a memorial candle and thinking about the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis and their European accomplices, please dedicate yourself to spending time with a Prevailer. Bring your kids and introduce them. Unfortunately, it’s a gift you will not be able to offer your children much longer. Take a picture and send it to us. The pictures will stand as testimony to how much we cherish them.

Read more of Nolan’s thoughts on the Shoah and family on this Jewish Journal post, “Never Forget – The Victims and the Prevailers“. You can also read more about the Shoah survivors and their current struggles in the two articles below:

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