Roadmap Genesis – A New Beginning

Nolan Lebovitz and FamilyI have spent much of the last two years writing, directing and producing a faith based documentary called “Roadmap Genesis.” It is a film that makes the case that the Book of Genesis is a roadmap containing guideposts on how to live a productive, fruitful, and fulfilling life that will help our society lift itself out of its current decline and return it to prosperity, promise, and accomplishment. I traveled around the country and discussed Genesis with twenty six people ranging from Gov. Mike Huckabee of Fox News Channel to Rabbi David Wolpe, from Alan Dershowitz to the Archbishop of Chicago Francis Cardinal George, from Erick Stakelbeck of the Christian Broadcasting Network to Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, and many, many more.

DVD’s are now available through the website and iTunes downloads will be available at the beginning of 2015. We have already begun to license the film for communal Church and Synagogue screenings. And now that I stand on the precipice of the film’s release, I thought I should share a few words.

This is not the end of the journey, rather just the beginning. People have to actually see the film, watch it in community and download it on their iPads. The movie can connect us to one another. It can start a dialogue – between parents and children, Jews and Christians, neighbors and friends. In today’s fragmented society, we can transcend our boundaries.

Too often, I hear conversations about how Jews and Christians today are having trouble relating to the Judaism and Christianity of their parents and grandparents. And I think – that’s great! We don’t wear the clothes our grandparents wore. We don’t listen to the music they listened. And on a personal note, I am grateful that I don’t live in Lodz or the Carpathian Mountains like my grandparents did. I am proud to be an American living in 2014 (soon to be 2015)!

The bigger question is when will younger Jews and Christians take ownership of something new and make it their newer, younger religious outlook? I hope that it’s today. I hope that “Roadmap Genesis” offers a path to open dialogue, not only between faiths, but also within our own family. People of all ages and denominations and associations are not only represented in the movie but also can use the movie to begin a dialogue to rededicate ourselves to the everlasting words of the Bible.

And that is why I wanted to start “In the beginning…” Let us begin anew together as one family proud of the Judeo-Christian ethic upon which our country was founded, proud of our shared commonalities and of our diversities, and proud that we derive meaning from the Bible.

Thank you to my wife and children who appear in the movie and have put up with my crazy schedule while I filmed, edited (here and in Israel) and attended countless meetings. Thanks to my parents and family who have helped me throughout the process. Thanks to my teachers and friends who sat down with me on camera and also helped me connect with people throughout the world. To one and all thank you.

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah and may 2015 be a year of blessed new beginnings for all of us.

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