“How does an evangelical politician get genuinely impressed with a Jewish Rabbi’s explanation of the the book of Genesis?  It’s simpler than I thought—I watched Rabbi Nolan Lebovitz’s enlightening documentary ‘Roadmap Genesis.’  When he told me about his project and asked me to be interviewed for it, I was skeptical that a documentary about the book of Genesis would be interesting, much less compelling.  Was I ever surprised!  Nolan Lebovitz has opened up for the viewer a stunning and insightful treasure trove of truth about the first book of the Bible.  Even for the ardent Bible skeptic, it will be difficult to ignore the power of this film.”

- Governor Mike Huckabee

Roadmap Genesis is a powerful film that shows how the Book of Genesis lays down the foundation of faith for both Jews and Christians and why it is still relevant today in our ultra-secular culture. I was honored to appear in the film along with Gov. Mike Huckabee, Dr. Richard Mouw and other Christian leaders. I also had Roadmap Genesis director Nolan Lebovitz on my weekly CBN program as a guest and he did a fantastic job of detailing how the Book of Genesis provides the basis for Judeo-Christian civilization.  

- Erick Stakelbeck, Host, The Watchman, CBN News

“This superbly produced film makes the bold claim that Genesis, though written long, long ago in a land far, far away, is relevant today. Through its diverse voices it makes the singular claim that Genesis can serve as a roadmap for a society that is lost without a moral GPS. If you’re inclined to agree, this film is an ideal conversation starter for your church, synagogue, or school. If you’re hesitant or doubtful, I challenge you to watch the film. I think you’ll find its thesis worth considering and maybe even compelling.”

- Robert B. Chisholm Jr., ThD, Chair and Professor of Old Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary

Roadmap Genesis is an inspiring film that offers hope to people everywhere via God’s Word, particularly the book of Genesis…

This is a fascinating documentary that focuses on the lessons of Genesis and the familial relationships such as Abraham’s home and his family situation. We are pleased to award Roadmap Genesis our ‘Faith-Friendly’ Seal for ages twelve plus. This one has a lot to like!”

- The Dove Foundation

“The word Torah in Hebrew can have the meaning of direction as in journeying. The Book of Genesis is the beginning of the journey… of the monotheistic religious traditions. Roadmap Genesis is, then, an exciting pathway to understanding its meaning and relevance today.”

- Rabbi Steven Wernick, CEO of United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism